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Will it Change my Sound?

One of the most often asked questions I get about my plugs is “will it change my sound?” Until now the answer I always gave was “Yes, you’ll be able to dial in your EQ the way you want it and you’ll sound better since you won’t fight the feedback.” However I recently acquired a digital recorder and thought it might be time to put the question to the test. This is not scientific by any stretch and no specialized test instruments or oscilloscopes were harmed in the process. It is simply one guitarist’s opinion about what I heard.

My recording was on a Fostex MR16-HD digital recorder with my Gibson L-5 direct to the board with some minor EQ. Both tracks used the same EQ setting, volume and guitar settings (Volume and tone on the guitar were set to 10). I played a simple jazz progression using chords up the neck to exploit the range of tones from the guitar. My playing was as consistent with regard to playing strength and attack as I could make it.

Both tracks seemed at first to be identical with regard to tone and clarity. I bounced the tracks back and forth listening to one pass, then the other, and sometimes bouncing the tracks within the phrase. Since this is my product, I guess I secretly wanted there to not be any difference at all. However, as I listened again and again, I began to notice something I hadn’t at first. The track using my Doug’s Plugs was actually a little clearer and more defined. Both tracks seemed to be identical as I said before, but I noticed that the track without the plugs was ever so slightly muddy. However with the plugs in place, the highs seemed to get ever so slightly crisper and more detailed.

I’m not a sound engineer and don’t have the “golden ears” needed to be one, however I did notice the plugs gave the guitar sound a clearer, more focused sound than without them. Of course, acoustically, the plugs reduce the sound of the guitar since the holes are blocked. However I was pleasantly surprised with the results I heard. Your mileage may vary depending on road conditions and weather….

I would welcome any of my customers to write in and let me know what experiences they have had with regards to recording. I can post it here on my site.




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