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Testimonials of guitarists using Doug's Plugs on their guitars.
[ hollow body guitar accessories I have used in decades of playing - B.S.]
[My L-5 tends to feedback on F, so I plugged in, cranked it, hit F and - no feedback - C.H.]
[I saw an upright bass player with Doug's Plugs installed last night...sound was incredible! - B.P.]
[never sounded better through my more annoying feedback whatsoever - A.S.]
[...slipped right in. Perfect fit right out of the box. Already sizing up the old L5 for a set. - H.W.]
[I have something I can work with... confident that I can play live without fear. - S.V.]
[they just kill the feedback - A.T.]  [simply unbelievable...great product - A.K.]
[best feedback solution ever - G.D.]
[I'm onto a winner with this product - R.W.]  [recommend for any archtop player - J.C.]
[upright bass...utterly eliminated all boom - W.H.]

Bob Sturgess
Fernandina Beach, FL:

I wish I could copy every hollow body guitar player with this message. The f-hole plugs you made for my Epiphone and two Gretsches are the best hollow body guitar accessories I have used in decades of playing. First, they fit perfectly. There was no need at all for the emery boards you kindly sent with the instructions. (I don't like, and had already discarded, the pickguards, so I did not have to deal with that.) Second, the outside appearance of the plugs could not possibly match the look of the f-holes any better. They are, of course, a tiny bit larger than the actual hole, but the contours of the plugs are identical matches to the f-holes . Third and most important, they work.

Over the years, I have tried almost every electronic feedback device available. I have ruined a finish using tape, I'e tried to cut my own foam, and once out of desperation I resorted to stuffing socks into the guitar. Now, though, after spending a few days playing, the feedback problem that has always accompanied my hollow bodies is under control. It is obvious these plugs would not work so well or look so good without a great deal of extra effort and precision on your part.

Many, many thanks!"

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Chuck Hill: "Hey Doug,

Just wanted to let you know I got the plugs in the mail Thursday and fitted them today (Saturday). Went as easy as you said, just takes a little patience. They look great and significantly cut the feedback. My L-5 tends to feedback on F, so I plugged in, cranked it, hit F and - no feedback. Plus it doesn't seem to noticeably alter the tone of the guitar - still has that archtop sound and vibe.

I've have my L-5 for several years but wasn't playing it all that much, mainly due to the feedback issue (also, my workhorse guitar has been a Howard Roberts Fusion). But now I'll be getting more use out of it - in two big bands, accompanying a singer, and with my trio.

I've seen other people fill the box with rags or foam, or, even worse, tape over the F-holes (ouch!!!). This is a more elegant solution, and I will definitely recommend these.

Thanks again!"

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Brian Powell
Blue Lake, California:
"Hi Doug,

Just wanted to tell you that I saw an upright bass player with Doug's Plugs installed last night and his sound was incredible! I want to get some for my 1969 Kay upright bass. I will do the markings this weekend and mail them to you. It was really phenomenal what a difference it made.

Thank you!"

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Andy Sample
Upright Bass Player:
"Hey Doug, I got the plugs installed very easily with only minimal sanding. I took my bass to big band rehearsal last night and it never sounded better through my more annoying feedback whatsoever. These things really do work!! Thank you!"

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Harold Wilson: "Dude! My wife (Lana Turner, by the way) was sitting near me when I took them out of the box. She said, "They're gonna fit perfectly." I'm like, No Way. He says you gotta file em down and take off the pick-guard, etc. They slipped right in. Perfect fit right out of the box. Another satisfied customer.

Already sizing up the old L5 for a set. LOL. Great doing business with you. I'll pass the word and post my positive experience on the site when I get a chance."

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Samuel Vargas: "Hey, just wanted to let you know that I got the plugs on Saturday and had a chance to put them in and rehearse with my band with them. Buying your plugs was my guitar's "last chance" before I'd get rid of it. I'm not a jazz player or anything like that. I use a lot of overdrive and fuzz in my music and I felt that a hollow body guitar although sounds cool in a bedroom just can't be used live because of excessive feedback.

Your plugs really made a difference. It didn't completely eliminate my feedback problem though. Because I use fuzz it still gets some feedback, but it's a lot more manageable. Now I have something I can work with and I feel confident that I can play my instrument live without fear. I won't be selling my epiphone casino after all. Thanks much!"

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Alf Tengs-Pedersen
Sandnes, Rogaland
"I Just received the plugs for my L-5 CT. They fit perfectly! Only thing I had to do was to cut a small line for the pickup wire from the floating pickup. Took me about 5 mins.

I have to admit that I thought the plugs looked a little big in your pictures. But I was wrong. Big time! In close up they look like they should be there. From a distance (not far) you can't even see them. And I'm a detail freak! But the most important is that they just kill the feedback. I tried to make my own plugs.They didn't look too good, but they did work at some level. Maybe 50% less feedback? Your plugs are close to eliminate it. Way better than making your own!

Finally I will thank you for solving out the feedback problem for the archtop guitar. Not at least the floating pickup archtop guitar. Thank you!"

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Dave Hirschberg
Santa Clarita, CA:


""Hey Doug! Got the plugs yesterday and they fit perfect without any sanding whatsoever! They look real nice too. You did a very nice job.

Now I didn't have time to turn up my amp real loud so far but I had it at a volume that would normal start squealing and howling and it was just as you claim, virtually gone. I could still get it to start to feed back if I really wanted too by holding a certain note but for the most part it totally stopped the problem. At a distance you can't really tell there are plugs in the holes unless it was pointed out. I had to remove the screw on the bracket that holds up my pick guard. I didn't have to actually fully remove the guard, I just slightly lifted the end of it up to clear the plug and it pressed right in. Perfect! Great job Doug!

Anyway I am very, very pleased so far and hope that it will handle a really loud amp setting. But still at the volume I had at it already is a huge improvement. Thanks again!

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Rob Whatmough
"Hey Doug. Got the plugs today . Can I say they fit perfectly...I didn't have to trim them at all! Plugged in turned it up and could tell straight away I'm onto a winner with this product. I was going to invest in a solid body guitar but my first impression is that it's not such a big isue now. Thank you!"
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Joe Leone
White Planes, NY:
"I had the opportunity to test your plugs today and they worked great and you can't even tell they are in the guitar unless you are holding it. In fact, it hides the rough finish in the sides of the f holes. No feedback, whatsoever, sitting just two feet in front of 3 large amps, including my twin reverb. I told a few of friends about your product and how great it works. I will be sending you another order for my D'aspiranta jazz box."
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Larry Hochman
Madison, WI:
"I've been using your plugs on my D'Angelico NYL-2 and can now play in clubs and large halls without feedback. Previously, I had to adjust gain, tone and everything else and still had problems with certain notes. Thanks for this simple solution. Your product is great."
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Richard Smith
Western Australia:
"The plugs arrived Tuesday [and] I installed the same day. The top F I did not need to do anything to it-- went straight in. I found [that by] gently rocking the plug back and forward it was easy to get out. The bottom F I had to trim a bit as one of the F holes under the pick cover was not a true round.... I then tried the big test. I cranked up my 100 watt fender amp. What a response! Nearly full volume and not a sign of feed back. I then cranked up my Vox amp [with] similar setting again same response. I then raised the humbuckers again no sign of feed back...There is one thing I don't think some other users
mentioned is that your plugs have given them the freedom and confidence to express themselves without the worry in the back of their minds when playing "is this guitar going to scream back at me" . Many thanks Doug you have solved a problem for me and other guitarists. Did I mention they look great? Its also a pleasure to deal with another player that has same love of the
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Anil Kumar
Dublin, Ireland:
"First off, in just home practice, they are simply unbelievable, I can play at any volume using my normal Fender Hot Rod DeVille 2x12 (this one is super loud !!)  or bassman reissue (this really feeds back due to the bassy response of the 4 x 10"  Jensens).  Live on my first function gig was a dream; no setups, no pointing the amp this way or that, simply plug in, set the volume at 5 (Very Loud!!) and use the PU  volume to balance up with the rest of the band.  Truly an excellent product.  You've  removed about 50% of the grief from using my jazz box live. .... they are a steal at $60.  Nothing I have ever bought cost so little and did so much for my playing."
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Geoff Dresser
Ontario, Canada:
"My guitar will start feeding back on G (5th fret, 4th string or 10th fret, 5th string) and [with the plugs] I had to crank my amp much louder than I play in typical gig situations (with a drummer) before I could see that problem.  I've tried the balloon thing and stuffing my guitar with foam, neither of which worked.  Another thing,  I've taken the guitar to 3 gigs and a rehearsal and nobody has  noticed them in the guitar. This is the best feedback solution I've ever come across."

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Joe Campbell: "I have installed your plugs into my ES-165 and they work just great.  My feedback problems are over.  Not only do they work well but they fit in perfect and I did not have to do any work at all to make them fit.  I highly recommend your plugs for any archtop player.  I will be passing out your cards to the local music dealers in my area and other guitar players here in Southern California.  Your service to me was great and you have a great product.  It is a real bargain for us guitar players that play archtops.  Thanks again."

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Wil Hendricks:


Note: Upright bass plugs are $95/pair because they require 6x more materials and take longer to make.  Please contact Doug for more information.  Thanks!

"I contacted Doug to find out if he could make me a set of plugs for my upright bass -- I generally play without an amplifier, but I play in some venues where the house volume alone creates so much feedback through my bass that I often have difficulty hearing even what notes I'm playing, let alone being able to control my sustain before it becomes a huge feedback loop.
The day I put Doug's plugs on, it was just night-and-day -- after an endless parade of combinations of DI's, EQ's, different pickups, trying to rotate the bass, etc. -- after all of that,  I instantly had the tight, focused response from my wing pickup that I'd been missing for literally years.  The plugs just utterly eliminated all of the boom that was creeping back into my signal through the upright body, and turned my bass back into an instrument again, instead of being a giant microphone.

I can't recommend Doug highly enough -- if his plugs can do this for a huge upright bass,  I can only imagine how well they work with the relatively smaller and narrow-bodied archtop guitar.

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Barry Hayman:
Irvine, CA
"I found Doug’s plugs website during a Google search. I play both electric and upright bass in blues and rock and rockabilly bands. In order for by upright bass to be heard, it must be amplified. Prior to getting my set of Doug’s plugs I had many problems with feedback… I tried using the EQ on my amp to control the feedback but that solution really killed the tone I was looking for. I also tried using different DI’s and pickups but still had feedback problems with each.

I read stories about people taping up the F holes and stuffing rags under the tailpiece of the bass but that didn’t sound like a good solution for me. Now with Doug's plugs installed on my bass, my feedback problem is history. My upright bass volume can now compete with that tone and volume of my electric bass without the annoying feedback problem. The plugs eliminate all of the feedback that was reverberating through the F holes on the upright body.

Doug has got the solution. I highly recommend Doug and his product. He provides quick and excellent service and delivers a high quality product!"
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