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         You can e-mail me with questions at  with " Doug's Plugs" in the subject line or you can place orders direct to:

                                Doug Turner
                                217 Robyn Drive
                                Winchester, KY  40391-8902

         I do have one requirement:  I must have the actual rubbing done on the guitar.  (I wanna' see those pencil marks!) Photo copies or faxes will distort the image  size and since I am hand cutting them, I want them to be as close as possible for your satisfaction.  I also note that some additional fitting will be necessary. Plan on spending about an hour on the final fit since I make the  plugs ever so slightly oversized.  This is so that they will fit snug and stay put,  but still allow removal with a slight tug of the overflap.  I will include an emery board for the sanding.  Please also include the make and model of your guitar.  I  may already have a template for it and this will speed up your order.

        Price per pair is $60.00 plus $6.95 USPS First Class shipping (Canada $10.95 shipping; International $15.95 shipping).  I prefer Money Order or PayPal but will accept a personal check (to clear before shipping).  Please make the check/money order out to Doug Turner .  PayPal users should contact me before placing an order to make sure I have a template for your guitar.

NOTE:  Upright bass plugs are not available to order via our order form.  Upright bass plugs are $95/pair because they require more materials (as much as six sets of regular plugs) and take longer to make.  Please contact Doug for more information.  Thanks!
        Use the e-mail address above to send payment.

        Shipping is via US First Class Mail.
 Shipping and insurance for US orders is $6.95 through USPS First Class Mail.  
Shipping and insurance for Canadian orders is $10.95 through USPS First Class Mail.  
        Shipping and insurance for International orders is $15.95 through USPS First Class Mail.  

        Due to my full time job, I now make orders on the weekends so it may take a few weeks to get to your order. Normal delivery to your mailbox takes approximately 3 days via USPS First Class mail once it ships. (International orders will take longer.) I will need your mailing address and an e-mail address so I can send a delivery confirmation number with additional fitting instructions.

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