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How Doug's Plugs Work

The cause of the feedback is from high SPL (Sound Pressure Level) entering the guitar body.  The sound vibration not only causes the top to vibrate WITH the surrounding air, but the SPL also enters the guitar body and bounces around inside, causing more vibration to the top (i.e. the guitar bridge and ultimately the strings).  This causes the string or strings to vibrate more, causing more sound out the amp.  My Doug’s Plugs seal up the f-hole and stops the SPL from affecting the air inside the instrument.  Doug's Plugs custom, hand-made f-hole / sound hole covers control and eliminate acoustic jazz guitar feedback on your archtop jazz guitar!  Don't use tape on f-holes - use Doug's Plugs!In effect, the SPL bounces off the top the same as a solid body.  Since the top is free floating, however, some feedback is still possible but the overall reduction is dramatic.  If you want to try an experiment, get some masking tape (either the tan stuff or the blue - the blue has less adhesive).  Tape up both of the f-holes so they are sealed up.  Use two or three layers of tape to thicken it up so they are more like my plugs.  Then play your guitar like you would during rehearsal or a gig.  If you notice a decrease in feedback, then my plugs will work for you and actually work better.  (Some people still use clear packing tape to cover the holes but this gums up the finish, and to me looks very unprofessional.)

The plugs I make are made of very light weight high density foam, the same stuff sometimes used to make flip-flops.  The main plug fits into the sound hole and a slightly larger top flap, made of the same material, keeps the plug from falling inside, and seals up the hole.  The plugs will have a very slight dampening effect on the vibration of the top since they are not glued, screwed, or permanently attached to the top - much like a shock absorber.  I have not noticed any effect on the sound on my guitar, nor have any of my customers.  In fact, since the feedback is eliminated, you can actually add back some of the EQ you had to take out to eliminate the feedback, giving you the rich sound you have at lower volumes.  Some purists may say that it affects the sound, but they don't buy my product because they either don't ever get that loud, or still prefer to use clear packing tape, or use balloons, which can still dampen the soundboard.

I would definitely say that my Doug's Plugs will greatly reduce the feedback you have as long as it's not microphonic feedback (high frequency feedback that squeals like a microphone).  That type of feedback is caused by pickups that are not potted with wax or epoxy.  The type of feedback most commonly experienced by owners of archtops is where one note in a chord will vibrate out of control, overshadowing the rest of the chord, or one note in a melody line runs out of control.  In some styles of music like Blues or Rock, a small amount of feedback is probably ok, like the kind of feedback experienced by a solid body Les Paul - more of an effect rather than a hindrance.

Also, please understand there are always circumstances, such as room shape, overall SPL from PA systems, bass amps, drums, as well as use of effects pedals, which can contribute to feedback.  I don't guarantee that it will totally eliminate feedback given the above conditions, but I do honestly state that the feedback will be significantly reduced if not totally eliminated.  After all, even a solid body guitar will feed back if the volume is high enough.




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