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     Before and After 

Below are photos of my Gibson L-5 without and with the plugs.  Note how the f-holes appear nearly identical from one guitar to the other.  The custom, hand-made f-hole covers exactly fit the opening and do an excellent job of eliminating guitar feedback.  The people who have seen this in person say "...from five feet away, you are hard pressed to discern that they are even there."   This is the way to control guitar feedback!

Gibson L-5 without Doug's PlugsGibson L-5 *with* Doug's Plugs
 without                                                       with   


  Below are upright bass photos sent in by a customer, Barry Hayman, showing the bass without and with the plugs.  Note how the f-holes appear nearly identical from one bass to the other.

                      without                                                       with   

"I found Doug’s plugs website during a Google search. I play both electric and upright bass in blues and rock and rockabilly bands. In order for by upright bass to be heard, it must be amplified. Prior to getting my set of Doug’s plugs I had many problems with feedback… I tried using the EQ on my amp to control the feedback but that solution really killed the tone I was looking for. I also tried using different DI’s and pickups but still had feedback problems with each.

I read stories about people taping up the F holes and stuffing rags under the tailpiece of the bass but that didn’t sound like a good solution for me. Now with Doug's plugs installed on my bass, my feedback problem is history. My upright bass volume can now compete with that tone and volume of my electric bass without the annoying feedback problem. The plugs eliminate all of the feedback that was reverberating through the F holes on the upright body.

Doug has got the solution. I highly recommend Doug and his product. He provides quick and excellent service and delivers a high quality product!"

Barry Hayman
Irvine, CA



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