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Hand made f-hole covers for the Jazz Guitar Industry

If you've experienced feedback on your expensive arch-top, you've come to the right place.

Ever have trouble hearing your guitar over the band because the gain you need causes your guitar to feedback?  I make custom f-hole covers that virtually eliminate the feedback that keeps you from getting the tone you want, and allows you to increase your gain so you can hear.


Thinking of using tape on fholes?  Don't do it!  Use Doug's Plugs custom, hand-made sound hole covers to control and eliminate acoustic jazz guitar feedback on your archtop jazz guitar!

Photo by Wade Rambo

The Process

I make each pair by hand using a pencil rubbing from your guitar's f-holes.  To do the rubbing, place a sheet of regular printer/copier paper over the low E side f-hole. (You can print off the order form from my web site. There is room on the right side of the form for this.) Please DO NOT use tissue or tracing paper. Standard printer/copier paper works best for me.
Tape the paper to the top, or have a friend hold the paper still so the paper doesn't shift (very important not to have ghost images due to shifting). For older instruments with fragile finish, have a friend hold the paper. Using the side of a regular #2 pencil, (not the mechanical kind - you need the wide lead to get good results) rub back and forth across the edge of the hole. You will see the side to side scribbles and a slightly darker line start to appear where the edge of the pencil bumps against the edge of the hole.

As you do this all the way around, you will see the outline of the hole appear under the scribbles. Try to make sure the line is mostly complete, especially on the rounded ends where the top and bottom of the f-hole curl around. Also, be sure there are not two lines where the paper has shifted. It's OK to fold the paper in half or thirds for mailing, but not much more than that.

Here is a sample image of what the rubbing should look like.
Sample image of f-hole rubbing

The plugs are made of a high density EVA foam that does not harm the guitar finish.

Thanks for your interest in my product!

Best regards,
Doug Turner
Doug's Plugs




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